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Offer the way of two handcart

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More and more consumer begin to enter " transfer times " , believe spirit law is secondhand car expert expresses, many people sell two handcart are first time, according to proximate analysis, will tell consumer to sell car shows level commonly basically is the following means:

The first kind: Sell acquaintance, friend

A lot of users still take this kind of traditional kind now, inform each other through the message between acquaintance, friend for instance. Will although clinch a deal,talk this kind of way commonly rate is higher, but the follow-up question of the respect such as the price, car condition is more. Above all, it is difficult that the price that two handcarts trade between the friend is compared certainly, as a result of what do not have a connoisseur " tripartite attestation " , those who lack pair of car conditions, procedures is affirmatory, before for instance the insurance of car, car condition after buying is mixed car advocate the description has difference to wait a moment.

The 2nd kind: Consignment gives intermediary broker, intermediate management company

Although intermediate link wants to expend fixed cost and profit, but the circumstance when opposite save trouble is saved also lets a lot of consumer approbate.

This kind of trading malpractice is the understanding that consumer often lacks pair of market level, sell price on the low side. We suggest the user undertakes exchanging views in normal market and regular corporation, understand prices more, undertake finally pay and making a car according to contract agreement, cannot of credulous roadside trade illegally of personnel " careless quote " . Want to sell a good price to need to patience seeks company of a few old cars more.

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