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The company is begun " I and the story of two handcart " award calls for paper a

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My company and company of Hefei evening paper " car weekly " hold jointly " I and the story of two handcart " award calls for paper activity, please you will been experienced, the two handcart story that has produced beside tells about us with literal form, experience you the joyance of two handcart and trouble, purchase result and experience to be taken share together with everybody, also welcome you to offer precious proposal in the light of development of two handcart market at the same time. Call for paper this the activity sets first prize (bonus 800 yuan) , second-class award two (gold of each bear the palm 500 yuan) third class award 3 (obtain elegant souvenir each one) we will rise single out partial work to be published in succession from inside contribution from March 17 in Hefei evening paper " relaxed easy car " column.
Call for paper requirement: Style is not restricted, 1000 words are controlled, follow the principle of author's responsibility conceit.
Contribution makes clear an author please real full name, Id date and connection phone.
Contribute address: Atelier of car of company of Hefei evening paper
Road of Hefei mayor Jiangxi two handcart seek advice from 666 Hefei service limited company (postcode 230031)
Email address:
Advisory service phone: 0551-5326944
The support that expects you sincerely and participate in!
Call for paper time: Came on March 10, 2005 on May 10, 2005 (the deadline allows with indicia)

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